Step 1: Contact Us!

Tell as your doubts, ask for our affordable rates and compare us with our competitors.

Schedule a 25-minute or 50-minute initial consultation with Dr. Kimberly Bell. This is an optional appointment for those who would like to connect with Dr. Bell before committing to the initial brain map.

Step 2: Brain Mapping (Quantitative Electroencephalogram QEEG)

All patients will have a brain mapping (quantitative electroencephalogram QEEG) completed. During this brain mapping appointment, we will place a cap with 19 electrodes on your head. Water soluble gel and paste will be used to facilitate excellent electrical connections. We will connect the cap to a machine that transmits information about your brain’s electrical activity to a computer.


This process will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes to ensure excellent connections and quality recording of your brain activity.


Once the connections are made, you will sit 3 to 4 minutes with your eyes closed and 3 to 4 minutes with your eyes open in order to provide electrical recordings that we then process through multiple standardized databases to create a map of your brain activity. 

Data Processing and Analysis 

This  part of your evaluation process occurs once you leave our office. It consists of processing the raw information about your brain’s electrical activity through one or more standardized databases.


After this data processing, we will have a visual map of your brain activity referenced to what we would expect to see in a person of your age and sex. This gives us a starting point for understanding your particularly brain activity in the context of your symptoms and goals for training.


Step 3: QEEG Brain Map Results

The results appointment varies in length between 25 minutes and 50 minutes and will include a discussion about the results of your brain map and treatment recommendations.

Step 4: Training Sessions

Neurofeedback training is like becoming physically fit. It takes many repetitions for behavioral change to become conditioned behavior.


A twice per week schedule is the standard mandatory minimum needed in neurofeedback training. This frequency of training is the minimum needed for change.


Three times per week is encouraged, especially at the beginning, to consolidate learning


After three weeks of training, clients may choose to reduce training to a twice per week schedule.


A minimum of twenty sessions must be completed for symptom reduction to last for simple presentations.


Complex issues may need more training to produce satisfying, long lasting results.

Step 5: Reevaluation 

We constantly monitor and reevaluate your progress in order to optimize your training. At every session, you will be asked about your main presenting symptoms and we will monitor your in session learning quantititatively.


Every 15 sessions, if you are training two or more times per week, we will remap your brain activity.  This benefits you and  us!  Based on this remap, we will know how well you are reaching your goals and what changes we want to make in our training to optimize your learning. 


Most clinics will do this at an additional charge of $700 or more. We do not charge because of our commitment to affordable neurofeedback. 


Your neurotherapist  will briefly review these results and proposed changes with you as part of your normal training visit. You are welcome to schedule additional visits with your neurotherapist or Dr. Bell to further review these results.


After ten to twelve sessions, we may also have you fill out additional symptom questionairres, standardized symptoms rating scales or repeat neuropsychogical tests on a case by case basis

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