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BrainAvatar: Provides a new standard of excellence and has become the new standard for comparison in the field of neurofeedback. It combines all existing BrainMaster capabilities with new features incorporating quantitative EEG (QEEG), peripheral modalities, and integrating assessment with training into a seamless system.

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Includes a Comprehensive Conventional EEG & QEEG System Available: Dynamic EEG Databases, LORETA, Discriminants, Power, Coherence, Phase, JTFA, Burst Metrics, Statistics, Instantaneous Coherence & Phase Reset, Phase Locking & Phase Shift Duration, Batch Processing, Bi-Spectra & Neurofeedback with 3-D Imaging.

qEEG Pro


qEEG-Pro offers extensive qEEG reports based on the qEEG-Pro database. qEEG-Pro reports include all the major qEEG analyses like Z-scored Amplitude, Phase Coherence and Alpha Peak Detection. However, qEEG-Pro is also on the cutting edge of qEEG developments, by providing advanced sLORETA source reconstruction analyses and other innovative, highly useful metrics such as Extreme Z-score Development, Fluctuation Time and Percentage Deviant Activity.



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