Do you look calm on the outside but your brain just keeps going? Are you ever plagued by excessive worry, nagged by a sense of fear, feel restless and react overly emotionally? Do you feel stuck in negative thinking? Are you often overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out? These are common symptoms of those struggling with anxiety.


Individuals with anxiety often have a chronically hyper-aroused central nervous system. Brain maps often reveal overactive or disproportionately fast beta brain waves. In this case, the brain is constantly running at a high speed, which can result in a person feeling unable to relax or unable to “turn their brain off.”


Anxiety patients are regularly prescribed medications; however,  medications can’t teach you to quiet your mind. Although there may be one or more areas in the brain causing anxiety, it’s normally not the entire brain. Neurofeedback training identifies and targets the problematic areas of the brain. Neurofeedback has proven to help reduce anxiety for good and allow people to wean off medication with their doctor’s supervision. As the brain learns to decrease anxiety and remain generally more calm, less medication is needed.

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