We are located in Palo Alto, where we help adults and children throughout the Silicon Valley. Our mission is to spread and promote the use of affordable, cutting-edge neurofeedback in order to treat people without the use of medications.


At Palo Alto Neurofeedback, we have certified and highly trained professionals who specialize in relieving symptoms and maximizing people’s potential using state of the art brain training: QEEG neurofeedback.


When the brain is injured in any way, normal electric patterns are disturbed and abnormal rhythms are created. Neurofeedback helps the brain to relearn its normal patterns. In our experience, as the EEG stabilizes, many improvements in mood, sleep, concentration, and behavior are seen by our clients.


We treat Anxiety, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Learning Disorder, Stress, and reduce the symptoms of Asperger’s and Autism as well as treating many other problems.


Neurofeedback training works by itself or with other treatments. We realize that sometimes adequate treatment requires many complementary interventions to achieve optimum brain performance. 

Our goal is to relieve your symptoms and maximize your potential through brain training without the use of medications

Treatment Process

The Palo Alto Neurofeedback process is a simple 4-step plan that optimizes your potential.
  • STEP 1: Contact us! Tell us your doubts, ask for our affordable rates, and compare us with our competitors.

  • STEP 2: Evaluation: This includes your first consultation and brain mapping.

  • STEP 3: Training Sessions: Around 20 to 40 50-minute training sessions. We insure that your brain is learning by reviewing each session.

  • STEP 4: Evaluation: We monitor your evolution and improvements every 15 training sessions in order to make sure you’re learning what you want and that your brain function is improving.



We are the only training center that offers free, repeat QEEG maps (brain mapping).



  • Dr. Bell was knowledgeable enough with her BrainMaster BrainAvatar sLORETA neurofeedback to be able to train me and my colleagues in it.  This was extremely helpful!.” Winslow S.
  • I used to get anxious every time I drove.  My palms would sweat, my heart would race… I tried breathing exercises, they didn’t help. Now I don’t even think about getting anxious when I drive”. 57 years old woman.
  • “It used to take me three hours to do my homework…. Now it takes me 40 minutes!”. 14 Year old boy.
  • “I went to College after a month of training and I felt great! I could think clearly for the first time! I could understand complex concepts quickly. My ideas were flowing.  That’s why

    I came back every day of my Spring Break for more training”. 21 year old man.


  • “I have had to carry a “cheat sheet” around for the past few years because I can’t remember passwords.  I thought that’s the ways it would be because I am sixty…  But, after 10 sessions of Neurofeedback, I don’t need my cheat sheet anymore". 63 year old man.


  • “I was worried that my son would not make it through third grade. Every night was a battle over homework. I could have offered him the world, he just couldn’t do it… After two weeks of three sessions of Neurofeedback per week, something just changed… He could do his homework in 30 minutes”. Mom of 8 year old with ADD and Visual Processing Disorder.

COVID-19 UPDATE - Due to safety concerns and staffing changes we have suspended our neurofeedback services and are currently not accepting new patients (updated 12/3/2020)

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